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    Botas Lascano Boots & Boot Trees Measuring Guide

    We have a measuring document (1 page) that we will email you by request for filling in your measurements.  

    This will have all the areas that need measuring and is simple to fill in.

    Send us an email to to request one.

    Getting the perfect fit for your boots is very important for your Lascano Custom Boots or Boot Trees. 


    Please follow these instructions on how to self measure for your boots:

    FOOT Measurements:

    • Position your foot on a blank sheet of paper and with a pen draw around the contour 
    • Then draw a line from the tip of your toe to the heel and let us know the length of your feet in cm (this is  #9 on the above diagram)
    • Draw a line on the ball of your foot and let us know the length in cm then repeat on the instep, and heel (like picture above); this is not the circumference of your foot, just draw a line from side to side from the contour of your foot

    LEG Measurements:

    • Be sure to wear your normal boot socks and whites when measuring. Measure over them and don't pull the tape tight! 
    • Measure your leg height (#1 on diagram above), always measure with NO shoes from heel up to the crease just behind your knee, bend leg like you are in a jumping position 
    • Measure below your knee cap around your leg, where your boots will sit when on (#2 on diagram above). This should have a bit of slack in it to prevent the top of the zipper pressing too hard on your lower knee.
    • Measure your calf at the widest part (#3 on diagram above), move the tape up and down to identify the widest point (be careful and always check the tape is straight)
    • Measure your lower calf (#4 on diagram above), this will be halfway between your ankle and your calf
    • Measure your ankle on the slimmest point (#5 on diagram above)

    Then measure the circumferences around your feet as shown on diagram above points 6, 7 and 8

    A few tips:

    • Always double check your measurements, if you do it a couple of times then you will be sure they are correct!
    • It is better to have help by another person, as it can be tricky to do this on your own.
    • Wear your normal socks and riding trousers when doing your leg measurements. Make sure the tape is not too tight, nor to loose. 

    Please let us know if you have any questions or need help - email us on: 

    Lascano Standard Size Boots Chart


     5.5-6 Womens

    3 Mens

    6.5-7 Womens

    4 Mens 

    7.5-8 Womens

    5 Mens

    8-8.5 Womens

    6 Mens

    8.5-9 Womens

    7 Mens

    9-9.5 Womens

    7.5 Mens

    9.5-10 Womens

    8 Mens

    10.5-11 Womens

    9 Mens

    11.5-12 Womens

    10 Mens

    12.5-13 Womens

    11 Mens

    Boot size 36 37 38 39 40 40.5 41 42 43 44
    Rear Height  41cm 42cm 43cm  44cm 45cm 45.5 cm 46cm 47cm 48cm 49cm
    Leg Top (just below knee) 32cm 33 cm 34  cm 35 cm  36 cm 37 cm 38 cm 39cm 40cm 41 cm 
    Regular Calf 34cm 35cm 36 cm 37 cm 38 cm 39cm 40 cm 41 cm 42 cm 43 cm 
    Wide Calf 36cm 37cm 38 cm 39 cm 40 cm 41 cm 42 cm 43 cm 44 cm 45 cm