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Instinct Polo Helmet

Size: 54
Color: Black

Instinct Helmets was founded by Jon Hardy, who brought new technology and ideas to the Polo market after thirty years as the creator of Masuri cricket helmets. Masuri was at the forefront of all innovation in cricket and their helmets were worn by over 90% of professional players worldwide.

In the development of the polo helmet, Instinct has worked closely with players to create one that is unmatched in safety, comfort and style. Made in the UK, Instinct has been at the heart of polo helmet design and manufacturing for many years. 

Twin composite shell, aluminium core technology and detachable peaks are concepts that Instinct has brought to the polo market. It has been discovered that deceleration of an impact is crucial in minimising concussion and the honeycomb core sandwich technology achieves this like no other.

The traditional large peak can cause neck injuries so Instinct invented one with thin walls and a foam centre that a) crushes on impact, and b) detaches in a moving collision. This greatly minimises the possibility of these injuries. In fact the peak now adds increased impact protection.

NOCSAE CERTIFIED - Meets HPA Rules & Regulations for 2018 Type approved to the standard PAS015:2011 with CE mark.
3-POINT STRAP SYSTEM - Fully integrated around the inner shell with no metal fixings.
3 LAYER CONSTRUCTION - Composite inner & outer shells with a honeycomb core. For incredible strength under load. No heat retention. Maximum deceleration in a fall.
Please allow an approximate lead time of 6 weeks for ordering in a custom size and colour. 

Embroidery customisation or other features, add @10-30% to pricing. Contact us for custom designs and pricing.